ClickBank For Beginners | How To Make Money With ClickBank 2020

If you are looking for free ClickBank for beginners, then worry no more. Because in this complete and simple article, I am going to show you step by step guidelines on how to get started and make money from ClickBank today.

What Is ClickBank – Clickbank For Beginners

ClickBank is a marketplace where one can go to list products for sale or select product to promote for a commission. From research, it was revealed that ClickBank is one of the largest affiliate marketplaces in the world. From the definition above, it shows that there are two parties involved in this system. They are Vendors and Affiliate Marketers.

What is clickbank


are people who list their products and services on ClickBank for sale. This vendor offers a compelling commissions to affiliate who decide to promote their products. This commission ranges from 20% – 100%. Now let’s look at the Affiliate Marketers.


Affiliate Marketers

They are individuals who go to ClickBank to look for products and services to promote for a commission as said above. This is a short overview of what ClickBank is about and what you need to know about it as we proceed to break it down into details on how to get started as a beginner. In this Clickbank for Beginners, our focus will be on Affiliate marketing. As I will show you everything you need to know as a ClickBank affiliate markers from account creation up to product promotion and making sales and commission.

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Traffic Overview

ClickBank is one of the most searched and visited websites in the world. As you can see below on similarweb, is rank 14,202th positions in the world and also rank 6,557th position in United State.

Traffic Overview on

When we go further you can see that it has a total of 3.62M monthly visits. This will tell you that ClickBank is a popular platform that is getting more attention and tractions every single day.

Monthly Traffic of 3.62M

Country Overview

Now when we look at the top-visited country to the ClickBank website, the United States is leading with 34.7% followed by India with 5.9% and Canada with 4.52%. The list continues like that. What this data is telling us is that these top countries are the most visited countries on the Clickbank website. This clarifies that these are the countries to target when we are doing our product promotions that I will talk about in the upcoming outline topic as listed above.

Rank By Top Country

ClickBank Alternatives – Clickbank For Beginners

From the above introduction to the ClickBank for Beginners where I have explained what ClickBank is about that I said, ClickBank is one of the largest affiliate marketplaces in the world. There are other Affiliate marketplace platforms like ClickBank such as Warriorplus, Jvzoo, ShareASale, amazon associate, etc. they all perform the same functions and also a good platform to promote products for a commission. Example platforms like warriorplus and jvzoo offer great commission percentage close to ClickBank in an average commission percentage like 50% to affiliates.

But there are some special features and secrets about ClickBank like the flexibility on the platform. Such secrets are most of the products and sales pages convert well. Another secret is there is no need for approval method required by the affiliates before they can promote the products. Once you are registered on the platform, you have access to 90% of the products to choose and promote freely without any hindrances.


Select Product Options


Before you decide to promote any product on ClickBank, you need to have an account with them. The account is as simple as to how you create your Facebook account. You need basic details like email, names, date of birth, etc. But since this one is an account where you will be paid, you need to submit other important particulars like your address, bank information to receive your commissions to and other information as you can see them in the picture below.

How to register on clickbank

Niche Selection

After creating an account, the next thing is to decide on a niche. By now you might be thinking what the hell this niche is about. Well, in the simplest term, a niche is a small sub-section of a bigger market where your target customers have the same interest. Example of some niches are:

  • weight loss
  • affiliate marketing
  • Fitness
  • Sports
  • cooking
  • Education etc.

I hope you now have a little knowledge about a niche. Niche choosing is an important factor to pay attention to in other to make the right decision when you try to promote a product on any affiliate marketplaces like ClickBank. When you choose a niche, your work will be simplified for you to promote the products very well because you will know which product to promote and whom to promote them to. The picture below shows you the various niches on ClickBank which you can choose from. And this will take us to the next topic which is product research and selection.

Clickbank niches and categories

Products Research

After choosing your niche, the next step is to select the right product you want to promote in that niche. When we talk about product research, there are things that you need to check for in other to select the right and converting product to promote. Those things are:

  • Gravity –
  • Popularity-
  • Average Sale –
  • Average Rebill-

In the video above or here, I have shown you how to play around with these terms to select the best products for your promotion. They are very important components in the ClickBank marketplace when it comes to product research.  The picture below also highlights these components and the product search panel where you can search for products based on its gravity, popularity or average sale, etc.

How to do product research on clickbank

Affiliate Information

After you have selected your best product to promote, the next thing to look at is the product Affiliate/JV page. JV means Joint Venture. This is a special page purposely made for affiliate marketers who decide to promote the products. They are created by the product vendors to provide some needed information or resources which affiliates can use in their promotion. Some of the resources that you can find in these affiliate/JV pages are:

  • Promotional Banners
  • Promotional Videos
  • Facebook/Google Ads Copy and templates
  • Review Articles
  • PDF Documents like EBooks
  • Demographic, Countries, Gender, Devices, etc.

Those are some of the information or resources that you can get from these affiliate/JV pages. You can find them on the product search portal. Some vendors have and others don’t have. But the majority of them have it. Below is the picture of one of the affiliate page of this product. You can see the resources and information that you will get access to here. Watch the video here where I walked through step by step.


Select Product Options

Traffic Sources

After getting access to the affiliate/JV pages and comfortable with the information and the data, the next thing is the traffic. In affiliate marketing or any other field where you are promoting or selling a product, the most difficult and important part to focus on is the traffic. Before you can make a sale you need to drive quality and targeted traffic to your offer.

Without traffic to an offer, there will be no sale. And if there is no sale then no commission as well. In today’s tutorial, I am going to introduce you to some of the traffic sources that you can use to promote your products. And these comprises of both free and paid traffic sources. I will list them below.

Free Traffics

  • Social Media [Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, etc. ]
  • Website /blog

Paid Traffics

  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Ads
  • YouTube Ads
  • Bing Ads
  • Udimi
  • Quora Ads
  • Native Ads [Outbrain, Taboola Ads, etc.]

Above are the traffic sources that you can use to promote your offers. And the affiliate/JV page resources will also help and guide you on which traffic sources to select and use for your promotion. I will take all these traffic sources one by one and walk you through how to use them to promote any affiliate products. And these topics will be covered in my upcoming reviews and training tutorials.

Aside from this, there is a special step by step guide that I have made purposely for you on how to use Facebook pages to promote your product for free and generate crazy affiliate sales and commissions. You can check the recommended blueprint guide part of this article to get access to it. I have stated it at the beginning of the article and also at the end of the article. And this will take us to the next topic which is promotion.

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When you select your desired traffic source to use, then the next thing is to begin your promotion. But before you begin your promotion, there are things that you need to do before you start. Irrespective of the traffic types you select except website/blog, you need to have a landing page or a bridge page. A landing/bridge page is a presale page that your visitors will land on first before they go to your offer page or the sales page.

The reasons for creating these pages are:

  • 1. Most of the advertising companies like Google or Facebook will not allow to direct the visitors to the offer page straight. They don’t like it. And they can reject your adverts because of that.
  • 2. When you create these pages, it will help you to collect emails and start building your email list.

You can retarget these emails later the second time. Trust me this formula works like a magic. Remember to subscribe to our YouTube channel here to learn how to create a bridge page or landing pages for your affiliate offers.

Recommended Blueprint Guide System

I have shown you everything step by step in this ClickBank for beginners about how to get started and start making money from it. But there are some special tricks and technics that I reserved purposely for you in this guide. In this guide, you will get access to the easiest and fastest way to promote affiliate products by using just a Facebook page and built-in emails.

What You Will Get

  • You will get access to generate your unlimited emails and connect it with your Facebook page then use it to promote your offers to them.
  •  Learn how to create ClickBank account if your country is blacklisted on ClickBank platform in this guide
  • Know how to select the best niche and product to promote and make huge commissions
  • Get access to the full methods on how to promote ClickBank or any products using both free and paid methods
  • It is a very simple and straight forward system which you can set up in a few minutes. Check some of the features and results from this special guide below.
  • If you want to start generating sales and commission with ClickBank and any affiliate network today, then this special blueprint guide system is for you. You can pick it up below.

ClickBank earning report


Select Product Options


Now let me recap and summarize everything for you here. The first is to understand what ClickBank is about. Do some little research about it in terms of its popularity, traffic overview and others. After that go and create an account with them. Once you finish creating the account, choose the niche that you want to work with. Now go to the marketplace and select the right product you want to promote by following the steps I have outlined above like the gravity, popularity and average sale, etc. Check the Affiliate/JV pages for some information and resources that will help and guide you in your promotion.

Next step 

Now the next thing is to choose your traffic and start your promotion. But before you start the promotion you need to create a landing/bridge page before sending your traffic to the offer page. These pages have been explained above and also how to create them. Now just wait and start generating your affiliate commission. If you want all these steps to be automated for you with our special blueprint Guide, then consider checking it out below.

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In a nutshell, upon all the stats and research, the flexibility of the platform, all the resources, and information that are available on the ClickBank platform, we can all attest to the fact that ClickBank is one of the biggest affiliate network in the world. Notwithstanding is also the best affiliate network platform for a beginner to use and start generating affiliate sales and commissions like crazy.

I would like to end my tutorial here for today. I wish to see you in our next tutorial. Remember to subscribe to our YouTube channel here and watch the full tutorial here for more understanding. Thank you for reading my article on the ClickBank for beginners.

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